Divinely Encoded to Nurture

Kay HornerBlog


God delights over us in more ways than we can imagine and has destined us for greatness and glory—His glory! He has uniquely designed women with the ability to release life in a variety of ways as we come into intimate fellowship and union with the Lord Jesus Christ. As His life-giving bride, we give Him great pleasure when we bring forth spiritual fruit through the power of the Holy Spirit. Christ in us is the hope of glory. We are not only the bride of Christ but daughters of the LORD of glory, who delights in us and rejoices over us with singing!

When we explore the life-giving qualities and call of God for women, we see an amazingly divine encoding that our Creator has given us. One of the Hebrew names for God, El Shaddai, literally means “the multi-breasted one.” Essentially, God is describing Himself as a nurturer—one who suckles or nourishes and furthers the development of someone.

When a nurturing God responded to Adam’s aloneness in Eden, He gave him a helper “suitable” or corresponding to him, as if Adam were looking in a mirror. The word ezer, translated “helper” in Genesis 2:18, is contextually used in the Old Testament for vitally important and powerful acts of rescue and support. A form of the word ezer is used 21 times in the Old Testament. “Twice it is used in the context of the first woman. Three times it is used of people helping (or failing to help) in life-threatening situations. Sixteen times it is used in reference to God as a helper. Without exception, these biblical texts are talking about a vital, powerful kind of help.” (Margaret Mowczko, “A Suitable Helper [in Hebrew],” March 8, 2010, Online: https://margmowczko.com/a-suitable-helper/)

We are not the Savior or Messiah, but we are encoded with special qualities and gifts to birth, nurture, and support the work of the kingdom of God in our day. We are gifted with a keen spiritual sensitivity and ability to excel in intercession to not only release new beginnings but to thwart the power of the enemy. Heaven needs women who will delight in prayer as the Father delights in us. Whether our prayers are focused on interceding for our husband or church leadership, our children, city, or nation, we possess in our spirits the seed-realities that, through prayer, can release God’s life into the world.