Encouraged, Equipped, and Empowered Women in Ministry

Kay HornerNews

Women in ministry equipped to establish covenant groups throughout Tennessee!

Chattanooga, Tennessee—Pastors’ wives and women in ministry from across the state of Tennessee met July 20–22 for a three-day conference, specifically designed to encourage, equip, and empower them to establish covenant relationships with other women in ministry.  The conference was hosted as a joint initiative of The Helper: A Genesis 2:18 Ministry, The Church of God in Tennessee, and the PCCNA Women in Ministry Commission.

The Helper is a relational network designed to connect pastors’ wives and women in ministry across denominational, cultural, and generational lines to strengthen and encourage them to live healthy, spiritually enriched lives as evidenced by their joy and enthusiasm for serving. The Helper leadership believes that encouraging strong relationships within their families, churches, and communities are vital components for these women serving in highly public roles.

During the three-day, Order Our Steps Leadership Training, based on Psalm 37:23, dynamic teachers utilized an interactive approach to create an environment where participants encouraged each other in their ministry endeavors by sharing both their joys and sorrows in ministry.  Common bonds developed through prayer and dialogue about personal ministry experiences. Attendees were given opportunity to experience the comfort found in forming relationships with other women who could easily relate with mutual challenges and callings.

As Jeanie shared following the training, “As a woman in ministry for 20 years and a pastor for close to 14 years, I was so excited to hear of The Helper covenant group ministry for women and to know that there will be a time of sharing some of the ups and downs, the challenges and changes, and the similar life stories of our role in ministry.”

Executive Director Kay Horner commented, “Topics covered in the training sessions equipped the women to establish covenant and confidential guidelines, form groups and plan meetings with diversity, and obtain resources to help ministry families with recognizing and overcoming obstacles they may face while living in the ‘glass house’ or ‘fishbowl’ of pastoral leadership.”  The culmination of the training included a time of empowering the ladies to establish their own local covenant groups through a communion and commissioning service.

Launched in 2014, The Helper Advisory Team has hosted several national training events and would be delighted to serve your denomination or ministry organization in equipping and encouraging facilitators for forming covenant groups. The organization provides free online resources and monthly Covenant Connections communication for the facilitators and women in ministry.  Currently, plans are being made for training sessions in other parts of Tennessee.

For more information about hosting a facilitator training, launching a Helper covenant group in your area, or other inquiries about The Helper: A Genesis 2:18 Ministry, please contact Kay Horner at khorner@thehelperconnection.org.