Resources for Partners

Cry Out America

Gather with believers on September 11, 2016 to pray for an awakening in this nation.
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Reboot Ministires

Gain access to an exclusive app that will help guide your spiritual life.
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21 Days of Prayer

Join thousands of Christians in 21 days of intentional devotions and prayer.
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Upstream Strategy

We desire to remain upstream from symptoms of moral, cultural, and relational decline. More →

Free Materials

  • Prayer Accord

    Use the national prayer accord to join us in praying daily, weekly, and monthly as one body of Christ.

    [ Download the accord. ]

  • Scripture Readings

    Download a list of scripture readings that outline repentance and revival.

    [ Download the list. ]

  • cabinet

    Meet the Awakening America Alliance Cabinet that guides the vision and direction of the ministry.

    [ Meet the cabinet. ]

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