Reboot Your Marriage

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Marriage Ring

When Perry and I married almost 39 years ago, “reboot” was not a very familiar term. Of course, I had learned to type on a manual typewriter and thought the IBM Selectric was an amazing invention. You could even change type faces by simply replacing the small round font element. Since I’m obviously confessing my age, I might as well tell you that I still have an electric typewriter in my home office alongside my computer. Some things are just worth keeping around the house! Who knows, you might see me on an “Antiques Road Show” episode with a valuable treasure.

Yet, if the typewriter eventually lands in the junk pile, one thing is certain; I plan to cling tightly to the treasure of my lifetime companion, whose value has no price tag. Perry’s is one face that cannot be replaced by merely changing font elements! Our relationship is also not something I want to shut down and restart again like rebooting my laptop, but consistently renewing and refreshing our commitment to love and cherish one another is always a good idea.

Sadly, this is not the case in many American homes where the divorce rate reveals an easy come, easy go mentality regarding marriage. Consequently, the Awakening America Alliance believes that a true Christ awakening in our nation will include restoring the value of renewed commitment to marriage between a man and a woman in covenant relationship as God intends must be embraced and encouraged in our generation (see “Twenty Indicators of Awakening”).

We are committed to helping resource and engage followers of Jesus in living a lifestyle of spiritual integrity and marital fidelity before a watching world. Through a collaborative partnership initiative of The Awakening America Alliance, The Great Commandment Network, and Mission America’s Love2020, we have launched to provide resources for pastors and churches desiring to live a prayer/care/share lifestyle in their communities, and hopefully, turn the tide from brokenness to healing in the American family.

To access your free Reboot Marriage App visit the Preach2Engage website.