Restored Hope Being Passed Along Through The HELPER

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Interdenominational ministry equips pastors’ wives to establish local covenant groups.

The HELPER: A Genesis 2:18 Ministry, launched by Kay Horner and the Awakening America Alliance, is a relational network designed to provide opportunity for pastors’ wives to live scripturally enriched and healthy lives while living in the “glass house” of public ministry. Launched in 2014, the Advisory Team has hosted two national training events, equipping facilitators to establish dozens of local covenant groups.

Recently, The HELPER leadership hosted its first regional training in cooperation with the Church of God Tennessee State Office in Chattanooga. Invitations were extended to ministry wives across a broad spectrum of Christian traditions.

The three-day training focused on encouraging and equipping ladies to reach out to build relationships with other pastors’ wives in their communities. Sessions addressed meeting models, methods, confidentiality, pitfalls, and even times of personal healing. National leaders and qualified advisory team members, who have had decades of experience caring for pastors and their families, provided teaching and counseling. Attendees enjoyed intimate times of fellowship, shared communion, and were commissioned to begin their own covenant groups.

Sandra Kay Williams, International Women’s Director for the Church of God and HELPER Advisory Team Member, commented, “The days spent at The HELPER training were life transformative for everyone in attendance, including trainers, hosts, and trainees . . . God moved in a powerful way. These women are now ready to begin their ministry to other pastors’ wives across denominational, ethnic, and generational lines in their area.”

Several attendees acknowledged they had been asking God to bring other women into their lives to share challenges, joys, and struggles, but “didn’t know what that entailed.” ‘Sarah’ from North Carolina commented, “The last two years of ministry have been very challenging for me. Why couldn’t I have a mentor to help me navigate living in the ‘glass house’? I felt like God has been leading me into a new direction in ministry. I should take the joy and pains of my journey and help other ministers’ wives. At the HELPER conference, the Lord confirmed my new direction.” (Name was changed for confidentiality.)

Reflecting on the weekend, Awakening Alliance Executive Director Kay Horner said, “Christ’s invitation to sit at His feet and drink from the cup in His hand is still resonating in my spirit. Without a doubt, He has special plans for each of us as we walk in covenant relationship with Him and others He brings across our paths.”

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