Spotlighting the Darkrooms of our Hearts

Kay HornerBlog

When camera film is being developed and becomes exposed to the light, the image or
picture becomes damaged or distorted. Yet, when we are in the spiritual developing
process, exposure to the Light of the world—Christ—does not damage but transforms
our image more into His likeness. Distortions are corrected. Imperfections are exposed
and removed. The vibrancy of His love, joy, and peace becomes enhanced. Although
we are already valuable treasures in His kingdom, our value and engagement in His
kingdom’s work become so much greater.

Holy Spirit graciously helps us to willingly open the darkroom doors of our hearts and let
Christ’s light flood in, eradicating any areas where we are becoming conformed to this
world. He is continually transforming us by renewing our minds, hearts, and spirits, so
we will become “proofs” of His good, pleasant, and perfect will (see Romans 12:1–2).

Recently, Father enlightened some things in my life and community of faith that needed
to be exposed to the transforming power of His Truth and love. We have so much talk
but so little action, so much history of revival but so little in the present, so much
longing, but so little faith to accompany it.

We should be sitting on the edge of our seats, standing on our tiptoes, anticipating what
God is longing to do in our church, city, and nation! We want sight before faith—the
substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. The best and most
precious things in life cannot be seen or touched in the physical realm but are felt and
experienced in our hearts!

Consistently spending time in Christ’s presence through prayer and meditating upon His
Word will keep our hearts from the dark shadows of the superficial and mundane! He
will continue to transform us into His image, so we will have compassionate hearts that
are moved to share the Light and minister His healing love to the bruises and
brokenness of others all around us!

I say, “Help me to keep every room of my heart open and exposed to Your light, Lord