The Journey from Institutional to Missional Church

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This is a six-week training initiative produced by the Great Commandment Network for ministers and facilitated by GCN trainer Kay Horner. IMAGINE: The Journey from Institutional to Missional Church will help you move from an institutional to a missional paradigm … Read More

Peter, Pentecost, and God’s Powerful Word

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by Barbara Holt* Peter, brash, egocentric, unreliable, liar—he spoke before he thought, boasted of his loyalty to Christ, and then when confronted, proved his disloyalty and lied. The day was Pentecost, and Christ has now … Read More

Impacting Traditional Marriage

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The first stated purpose of marriage was to remove aloneness . . . Adam’s spiritual aloneness had been removed through his intimate walk with his Creator, but even with a perfect relationship with God, God … Read More

The Rope of Hope

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Most of us are familiar with the comment, “When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.” However, you may not be aware that this quote (or something very similar) … Read More