Restored Hope Being Passed Along Through The HELPER

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Interdenominational ministry equips pastors’ wives to establish local covenant groups. The HELPER: A Genesis 2:18 Ministry, launched by Kay Horner and the Awakening America Alliance, is a relational network designed to provide opportunity for pastors’ … Read More

Impacting Traditional Marriage

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The first stated purpose of marriage was to remove aloneness . . . Adam’s spiritual aloneness had been removed through his intimate walk with his Creator, but even with a perfect relationship with God, God … Read More

How to Keep Your Marriage Alive

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As we continue the process of seeking God for a new Christ awakening in America, we have been encouraging and resourcing married couples in their relationship. (What do healthy marriages have to do with awakening?). … Read More

Reboot Your Marriage

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Marriage Ring

When Perry and I married almost 39 years ago, “reboot” was not a very familiar term. Of course, I had learned to type on a manual typewriter and thought the IBM Selectric was an amazing … Read More