Worship Over Warfare: A Prayer

Kay HornerBlog

hands pray

“In the last days’ battles before Jesus returns, the outcome of our lives will be weighed upon a scale of worship in the midst of warfare.” — Frances Frangipane

Father, we long to honor, magnify, and worship You, regardless of the circumstances in our lives. Yet, we must confess, when observing the condition of our nation, how easily we become distracted from worship. Forgive us for yielding to temptations to criticize, debate, and even neglect any form of sincere prayer.

Holy Spirit, please empower us to prioritize our worship over warfare even though we cannot separate the two—praise is a weapon! “Through the praise of children and infants, you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger” (Psalm 8:2 NIV).

Lord Jesus, remind us that true worship originates in, permeates throughout, and radiates from the context of our daily lives as you empower us to be victorious in contending with the enemy on any battleground. Help us to understand that if we complain and despair in the mere skirmishes of today, we will never be able to survive through the heavier battles that lie ahead. And Your Word confirms the intensity will increase.

We acknowledge that what comes out of our hearts during times of pressure was there all along but merely hidden during times of ease. “For what we bleed when we are wounded by satanic assault or difficult circumstances is the true measure of our worship” (F. Frangipane).

We decree and declare we will not bleed fear and intimidation. Holy Spirit, please help us staunch the flow of bickering and complaining. We refuse to hemorrhage rebellion to God’s sovereignty. We will not resign from worship, evangelism, and service to You, which is a form of worship!

Thank you for increasing the depth, length, height, and breadth of our worship. Thank you that it will not be shallow and occasional, but our prayer and praise will be borne out of the innermost recesses of hearts committed to YOU!

May the worship that permeates every aspect of our lives be a force that drives back the darkness and defeats the devil!