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Why Pray with Jesus?

Since the earliest days of European interest in the Americas, God’s people have sought a place to worship in freedom and longed to experience spiritual awakening. Along the way, God has chosen a variety of places and people to awaken the nation for Christ: the colonial village of Northampton, Massachusetts; the Cane Ridge Camp Meeting; New York City’s Bowery district; a renovated livery stable on 312 Azusa Street in Los Angeles; and your world. You are a vital link to the next great awakening looming on the horizon of America in our generation.

Indicators of Awakening

Each occurrence of nationwide revival has been different, yet one common denominator has always been evident: a sense of hungry, prayerful desperation. In 2008, an Awakening America Alliance leadership summit was called to reflect on the First Great Awakening and the potential for a contemporary nationwide transformation. Recognizing that true awakenings bring visible change, twenty indicators of awakening were identified and now serve as an evaluation tool for awakening in America.

The Praying with Jesus resource is structured so that your prayer moments will coincide with each of these twenty indicators. Jesus cares about these topics; He prayed they would be true of us, so let’s join Him in prayer.

Why pray with Jesus? Because as we agree together in prayer, God can supernaturally bring a divine reversal from darkness to light in the hearts of people who have not experienced His grace. The power of extraordinary, united prayer cannot be overstated. Let’s unite our voices with Jesus and experience a Christ awakening in our land!

The book includes chapters by these leaders:

Jack Hayford, Pastor of Church On The Way

Stormie Martian, Author of The Power of a Praying series

Josh McDowell, Author

George Wood, General Superintendent of the General Council of the Assemblies of God

Steven Gaines, Author of Morning Mann and When God Comes to Church

Doug Small, General Overseer for the Church of God

Jeff Bogue, Youth Minister at Grace Church in Akron, Ohio

Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor of National Community Church

Steve Hawthorne, WayMakers

Dave Butts, Harvest Prayer Ministries, President

Doug Stringer, Turning Point Ministries International, Founder

Ronnie Floyd, Southern Baptist Convention, President

Jeremy Story, Campus Renewal, President

Paul Cedar, Mission America Coalition, Chair & CEO

Jedd Medifind, Christian Alliance for Orphans (Right to Life Sunday)

Harry Jackson, High Impact Leadership Coalition (Martin Luther King Day)

Mark Williams, Church of God, Overseer & Doug Small, Alive Ministries

Jared Pingleton, Focus on the Family, Director of Counseling Services

Mark Williams, Church of God, Overseer

Joe Battagalia, Renaissance Communications, President

Mark Dance, Associate V.P. for Pastoral Leadership at LifeWay Christian Resources

Sammy Rodriquez, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, President

Michael Lewis, Executive Director, Pastoral Care and Development, North American Mission Board

Alton Garrison, Asst. General Supt. of the Assemblies of God & Ronnie Floyd, Southern Baptist Convention, President

Terri Snead, Director of Training & Resources, Great Commandment Network


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