Yet, We Have Hope: Part 2

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Yet We Have Hope 2

This book of Lamentations gushes with emotion. It was birthed out of excruciating pain in troubling days. Their desolate land was stripped of its splendor. They had been robbed of their treasures. Their sins had … Read More

Yet, We Have Hope: Part 1

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Yet We Have Hope 1

What happens when deep personal loss or other life struggles veil our worship? How do we respond if our perspective of God becomes clouded by increasing moral darkness, civil unrest, and the impacts of a … Read More

A Season of Choices

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Until recently, the words “unprecedented” and “pandemic” were not typically part of our everyday language. The terminology “gone viral” has assumed a much broader meaning than simply a popular social media post or YouTube video. … Read More

When Praise Replaces Fear

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Recently, I received some fresh inspiration while reading Moses’ and Miriam’s song of deliverance, recorded in Exodus 15. The chapter heading in my Bible says, “Song of the Redeemed” because it celebrates their crossing the … Read More