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I live in a region where the Azusa Street Revival, during the early 1900s, impacted leaders and ministries that have become multiple, denominational movements—headquartered in this area but impacting lives around the globe. History records … Read More

When Life Isn’t Easy

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tiny baby feet in a woman's hands

Sarah was childless nearly all her life, married to a wanderer who talked to God, and forever frozen in old age by her story in Scripture. She was first promised a child by her husband … Read More

Removing the Masks

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Woman behind white mask

When someone mentions removing our masks, we may immediately think of the conflict surrounding wearing masks in schools, churches, and other public places to protect us from disease. However, the masks that I’m referencing are … Read More

A Midnight Clear?

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Still through the cloven skies they come,With peaceful wings unfurled,And still their heavenly music floatsO’er all the weary world;Above its sad and lowly plains,They bend on hovering wing,And ever o’er its babel soundsThe blessed angels … Read More