Play Stations or Prayer Stations

Kay HornerBlog

Let me begin by saying I’m not a PlayStation enthusiast. As a matter of fact, video games are a dangerous topic for me to address because the terminology is foreign to me. Yet, I was intrigued to learn global statistics reveal 1.02 billion of the top 10 video gaming systems have been sold since they were first released. While many notable exceptions exist, this essentially tells me that twenty-first century people are fun-seeking, comfort-loving, and relatively undisciplined.

While prayer labyrinths and contemplative prayer stations date back thousands of years, many contemporary Christians are unfamiliar with their use or benefits. We are well-acquainted with prayer at meals or prayers on wheels (praying on the way to work or the next sporting event for the kids), but very little margin remains in our lives for those “burning bush” moments when we turn aside to encounter the all-consuming presence of a sovereign God. One purpose of a prayer station is to create a time and space for people to experience God in their lives. How dramatically changed our individual lives and the nation of America would be if our approach to prayer and spiritual reflection became more than a Tweet or FaceBook post to God.