The Impact of Prayer

Kay HornerBlog


We’ve all witnessed it. Individual lives have experienced it. Nations have been affected by it. Yet, prayer has to start with people—folks like you and me.

Most of us would admit that before coming to Jesus, we had a parent, grandparent, friend, or neighbor interceding for our salvation. Remembering those moments gives us courage and strength to persevere. Why? We know prayer changes things!

The Kendrick Brother’s recent hit movie War Room highlighted the idea of a prayer strategy. “It’s really easy to make prayer an afterthought,” commented producer Stephen Kendrick. “We want people to begin to fight their battles in prayer FIRST.” This was the heart of the film. Their strategy not only worked to make a great movie, but it has impacted lives in more than 60 nations around the world.

Thousands of people were inspired to turn closets and garages into personal prayer ‘war’ rooms. Hundreds of people made first-time commitments to Jesus Christ as their Savior, and War Room had an incredible impact on unity within the body of Christ. Churches of different denominational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds held spontaneous prayer meetings inside and outside theaters, following the movie. Pastors and volunteers in Selma, Alabama, had an onsite prayer room in their local theater for weeks during War Room’s run. The Kendrick Brother’s hope was not just to talk about prayer, but to see people’s lives and families transformed through prayer.

April 4th, the Awakening America Alliance will be hosting an inspirational evening with Stephen Kendrick, sharing about the power of prayer to impact a nation. Everyone can surely agree we’re living in a time that America must be awakened to the desperate need for prayer to transform our culture. More than a wonderful dinner and rich fellowship, this will be a time of challenge and encouragement as Stephen highlights how God has used War Room as a catalyst for strategic prayer!

You are invited to join us at Embassy Suites in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on April 4th to hear Stephen and help support this move of prayer throughout the nation. To order tickets please click here or call 888.929.2538. Media engagement and underwriting opportunities are available here.