Kay HornerBlog

I live in a region where the Azusa Street Revival, during the early 1900s, impacted leaders and ministries that have become multiple, denominational movements—headquartered in this area but impacting lives around the globe. History records one leader moved their ministry to this area from the mountains of western North Carolina, so they could be near the railroad to carry the gospel around the world. His Spirit-inspired vision has become reality!

During the week before Pentecost, a Korean pastor and team of missionary intercessors visited, and we joined in multiple prayer meetings throughout our city. They sensed that God is wanting to reopen the wells of earlier revival movements, causing them to gush forth impacting Bradley County, all of Tennessee, and the nation. 

As Jesus revisits these wells, He will strip away the layers that have been covering them—layers of religiosity, strife, division, apathy, complacency, self-sufficiency, and so much more. His people will be humbled and awed at the responsibility of stewarding this revival that will begin as pinpricks or small pinholes of living water but eventually become a gushing flow. 

How do we steward a move of God like this? We cannot carry it in “buckets” that may become contaminated or stagnant before reaching the desired destination. We must become “human pipes” or conduits through which the living water flows, remaining fresh and refreshing. Flowing water cleanses and carves away hindrances, reshaping the places through which it passes. Spiritual refreshing and new life will grow where it flows.

Woe to those who attempt to maintain the status quo, hindering the removal of those things that must be removed for the water to flow freely! Woe to them and to their children, who will suffer the most from the delays. Blessings will overflow into those who yield themselves as conduits. Blessings will bring flourishing to thousands of generations, not only in the natural dimensions of flourishing (e.g., faith, vocation, wellness, finances, and relationships) but in supernatural dimensions of spiritual flourishing. The greatest blessing will be souls harvested for the kingdom of God.

The enemy, who has been guarding the coverings over the wells, is weakening due to the increase of the prayers of the saints. If we draw back for one moment, he will regain strength and momentum. We must not relax our stance! When we feel weariness creeping upon us, we should call forth recruits and not be afraid or shy about passing the torch of prayer to others but unite as one—strengthening one another.

May Holy Spirit empower you as you connect in covenant relationships with other pastors’ wives and women in ministry to intercede for the wells of revival in your church and community to be reopened!