The Journey from Institutional to Missional Church

Kay HornerEvents

This is a six-week training initiative produced by the Great Commandment Network for ministers and facilitated by GCN trainer Kay HornerIMAGINE: The Journey from Institutional to Missional Church will help you move from an institutional to a missional paradigm for life and ministry. This training course from the Great Commandment Network includes video presentations and special times for encouraging and sharing with one another in a safe environment.Course CONTENT includes:

  • Moving your church from institutional to missional
  • Six indicators if your church might be institutional
  • Guiding leaders through times of rapid change
  • Deepening gratitude in life and ministry
  • Living gratefully in a world of entitlement

Join other ministers in these dynamic times of sharing and feel your confidence grow as you lead through uncertain times with the power of gratitude!

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