A Season of Choices

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Until recently, the words “unprecedented” and “pandemic” were not typically part of our everyday language. The terminology “gone viral” has assumed a much broader meaning than simply a popular social media post or YouTube video. … Read More

God Delights in Us

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Women are amazingly wonderful creations of God! We have incredible ability and durability. The down side is we sometimes have so many expectations and assignments to fulfill that we become overwhelmed. Whether single, married, mothers, … Read More

Restored Hope Being Passed Along Through The HELPER

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Interdenominational ministry equips pastors’ wives to establish local covenant groups. The HELPER: A Genesis 2:18 Ministry, launched by Kay Horner and the Awakening America Alliance, is a relational network designed to provide opportunity for pastors’ … Read More

Priceless Legacy

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Contributed by Dr. David Ferguson, Intimate Life Ministries “Behold children are gifts from the Lord” (Psalm 127:3). You have heard it said, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!” Many of us would agree … Read More