Impacting Traditional Marriage

Kay HornerBlog

The first stated purpose of marriage was to remove aloneness . . .
Adam’s spiritual aloneness had been removed through
his intimate walk with his Creator, but even with a perfect relationship
with God, God declared that something was lacking. Adam was needy.
God proceeded to provide for man’s aloneness
with the creation of Eve, a helpmate suitable for him.
—David Ferguson, Intimate Life Ministries—

On May 31, we celebrate our anniversary. Why May 31st? I did not want to be the typical June bride—America’s favorite month for weddings is June. How ironic that our Supreme Court handed down rulings on two gay marriage cases (Prop 8 and DOMA) in the month of June 2013.

With the definition of marriage now hanging in the balance, what will be the impact on our children and grandchildren? Perhaps the mentality of same-sex marriage in our nation results from the fact that our view of traditional marriage has slipped down the cultural slope through a misunderstanding of true covenant, fidelity, and family values. Destruction of marriage in our nation may be due to a lack of defense of traditional marriage—God’s way—even within the community of faith.

Yes, the American family is fragmented, but does it have to remain that way? We invite you to join with us in praying for the restoration of Godly marriages that will encourage the next generation to embrace the value of pro-biblical marriage in the Church and society.